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    Founded in 1919, Harrington Industries. is a privately owned family company whose operations are directed by John Harrington (Managing Director), Mark Bennett (Engineering Director), Trent Harrington (Sales Director) & Marshall Harrington (Purchasing Director) who are all shareholders. Using the latest technology and 90 years experience we develop and produce complex
  • Automotive Products
    Automotive products Chassis components Brake components Sumps, oil pans & oil scrapers Suspension & engine brackets Engine management system impulse senders Passenger safety reinforcing brackets Catalytic converter components Torque converter covers Consumer products Lawnmower Base plates Hot Water Heater Components White goods Mining products Conveyor Components Rock Bolt Washers Medical
  • Innovative Engineering Equipment
    Innovative Engineering Equipment Harrington Industries has a wide range of metal pressing and steel stamping equipment to perform tasks such as, deep drawing and metal forming. With seven robot mig welders in automated welding cells, Harrington's have the capability to weld at higher production rates efficiently and accurately. With the
    • Presses and Metal Stamping
      At Harrington Industries, we have the most advanced metal stamping technology that can meet the needs of almost any project. Whether your project requires deep drawing or metal forming, our state-of-the-art facility is up to the job. Fully-Equipped Facility Our facility is equipped with the following machine presses: 2 x
    • Robotic Welding, Steel Stamping & Assembly
      For many industrial clients needing steel stamping welded assemblies, accurate welding is crucially important. At Harrington Industries, we utilise seven automated robotic welding cells. These automated cells make short work of even the most demanding steel stamping assembly projects. Robotic welding offers an unmatched level of accuracy, efficiency and quality.
    • Transfer Presses and More
      Toolroom & Tooling
    • Steel Pressing and Metal Forming Technical Assistance
      At the heart of our toolroom, situated in our 7,000 square metre facility, is an experienced and talented group of engineers. Our engineers have extensive knowledge of steel pressing and metal forming; no matter how complicated your project appears to be, our engineers will find a way to turn your
  • Quality Processes for Metal Pressing and Other Services
    In the 1980's the requirement for companies to integrate formal quality systems into their day to day business activities became prevalent. At this time, G. A. & L. Harrington took the first step towards operating a quality system by setting up a well equipped quality control department and started down
  • Olympic Torches
    Innovation, design and manufacturing solutions have always played a large part in the continued success of the company. In 1998 we were awarded the contract for the design and manufacture of the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Torches. This resulted in the production of 14,000 Olympic Torches, 1,000 Paralympic Torches
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  • Quality Metal Stamping in Thailand
    Providing Quality Metal Stamping in Thailand With a spirit house* out the front of its 4,000 sqm factory, Harrington Industries now has a presence in the Thai province of Rayong in an area nicknamed the ‘Detroit of the East’. From our location in Hemaraj Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate, we can
  • Pallet Feet for Every Application
    Harrington Industries is now manufacturing and supplying steel pallet feet from their facility in the Sydney suburb of Padstow. Used to support containers, our pallet feet are shaped by a 150 tonne press and made from quality Australian steel. They are 150mm in length and width, and 49mm high. One
  • Deep Drawing
    With our modern facilities and metal engineering expertise, Harrington Industries are the experts in deep drawn metal stampings. Also known as metal pressing, deep drawing is a sheet metal forming process which is typically done at room temperature. It uses radial tension-tangential compression to form the metal and is used