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Metal Stamping Line - Harrington Industries

At the heart of our toolroom, situated in our 7,000 square metre facility, is an experienced and talented group of engineers.

Our engineers have extensive knowledge of steel pressing and metal forming; no matter how complicated your project appears to be, our engineers will find a way to turn your initial designs into a physical reality.

We have engineers specialising in product design, tool design and design in process automation and special purpose machinery.

Experienced Engineers

Our engineers can advise customers on how to manufacture the parts and components required for their project, or they can collaborate with customers’ own teams of engineers.

Ensuring that customers understand production timelines and are confident in the high calibre of our production processes, our engineers will take you through the entire steel pressing process step-by-step. Beginning from the initial planning and design stages, we can take you through to the final phase of product realisation. We can accept any steel pressing and metal forming project during any stage of development.

Our engineers utilise 3D CAD modelling to produce detailed 3D models of your project’s tooling.

We also utilise metal forming simulation software to assist in developing parts for complex steel pressing processes.

Award-winning Designs

As an example of our capacity to create memorable designs, in 1999 Harrington Industries was chosen to design and manufacture over 14,000 Olympic Torches, 1,000 Paralympic Torches and 200 Community Cauldrons for the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney.

We received two awards for the Olympic Torch Project:

  • Australian Design Awards - Industrial Design
  • Innovation Excellence Awards 2000

In 1987 we were awarded the BHP Steel Award (Industrial Category) for the development of a new steel pressing and metal forming process for the Poly-Vee Pulley. This was a demonstration of how Harrington Industries is fully committed to innovation and technical progress.

Find out more about our modern toolroom and our talented group of engineers by calling (02) 9771 2411 or by contact us online.

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