Harrington Industries


With our modern facilities and metal engineering expertise, Harrington Industries are the experts in deep drawn metal stampings.

Also known as metal pressing, deep drawing is a sheet metal forming process which is typically done at room temperature. It uses radial tension-tangential compression to form the metal and is used in a press with other forming techniques, such as beading and coining.

A range of manufacturing processes such as machining, metal injection moulding, castings and metal spinning can be replaced through deep drawing. When making parts or components, this allows several distinct advantages which include the:

  • Reduction of costs and weight
  • Improvement of metal structures

From design to manufacturing, our engineers can custom create a wide range of parts and components. We use several types of steel, as well as aluminium, copper, titanium and brass for deep drawn metal stamping projects.

At our 7,000 square metre facility in Padstow, Sydney, we have more than 60 different types of presses such as a 600 tonne Bliss blanking/deep drawing press and twelve 250 tonne blanking/deep drawing presses.

As with all projects, Harrington Industries’ goal is to meet our customers’ specifications plus their deadline and budget requirements. At Harrington Industries, we stringently adhere to industry standards and our own rigorous quality control procedures.

About Harrington Industries

Founded in 1919, Harrington Industries has a proud history of successes and innovation. We have over 80 staff at our Australian facility, and in 2013 we established a large manufacturing presence in the Thai province of Rayong to serve this area’s growing industrial base.

Harrington Industries is also a proud member of the Federation of Automotive Products Manufacturers and the Australian Industry Group.

If you would like to speak with one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff about your metal pressing and assembly needs call (02) 9771 2411 or enquire online.