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Metal Stamping Line - Harrington Industries

Innovative Engineering Equipment

Harrington Industries has a wide range of metal pressing and steel stamping equipment to perform tasks such as, deep drawing and metal forming.

With seven robot mig welders in automated welding cells, Harrington's have the capability to weld at higher production rates efficiently and accurately. With the use of special purpose pneumatic weld jigs, lower costs are achieved.

Harrington's also have the capacity to spot weld assemblies and projection weld up to 150 KVA.

Our toolroom is equipped with the latest CNC machines allowing us to produce metal products of the finest quality for the automotive, mining, medical, and construction industries.

Products like the Poly-Vee Pulley, formed from one piece of steel using 'spin' technology, are designed with ingenuity and innovation in mind.

Engineering Support

At Harrington Industries we have a dedicated and talented group of engineers who support our manufacturing facility and our toolroom with their in-depth knowledge of steel stamping and metal pressing.

Our engineers can provide customers with invaluable advice on how to manufacture the components necessary for their designs, or they can collaborate with customers’ own teams of engineers.

Product Design

With our 3D modelling capabilities, we can produce full 3D models of components and parts, as well as finite element analysis.

Our highly skilled product developers can take you through the design process step-by-step, from the initial planning phases, to the final stages of the steel stamping process.

We have produced award-winning products for Australian industry for over 90 years, from Australia’s first single stamped car door to the Sydney 2000 Olympic Torch.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our 7,000 square metre facility houses the most advanced steel stamping and metal pressing equipment in the industry.

At the heart of our operations are over 60 presses, from 600 tonne Seyi transfer presses to presses under 10 tonnes. This diversity in machinery means that we can produce quality steel products for any industry, and meet the demands of any client.

Find out more about our wide range of metal pressing and steel stamping capabilities by calling (02) 9771 2411 or by contacting us online.